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Self Employed

If you are pregnant, then as a self employed Yoga Teacher its unlikely you will be eligible for Maternity Pay, as you have no employer as such.

However you are possibly eligible for Maternity Allowance.  Normally this is paid for 39 weeks at a rate of of £184.03 a week (2024/25), but it does depend on your National Insurance payment record.

See HM Governments guidance for more information.

And good news – Maternity Allowance isn’t taxable.



If you are employed, and have sufficient earnings  – £123 p/w (2024/25) – you may qualify for Statutory Maternity Pay via your employer instead.  Here you get 90% of average earnings for six weeks, followed by 33 weeks at the lower of £184.03 a week (2024/25) or 90% of average earnings.  This is taxable through your employers payroll.

For Yoga Teachers operating via a company, then the situation is a bit more complex, but as you are an employee of the company normally Statutory Maternity Pay applies.  However the salary / dividend mix may need a review.



Other Benefits and Entitlements

Also be aware of:

  • Statutory Adoption Pay
  • Statutory Paternity Pay
  • Leave entitlements for Maternity, Paternity, Adoption and Child Bereavement
  • Child Benefit