Welcome to YogaTax – Accountants for Yoga Teachers, Pilates Teachers and similar Therapists

YogaTax is a brand of Whitefield Tax Limited and we specialise in advice and assistance to Yoga and Pilates Teachers, Massage Therapists, Aromatherapists, Bowen Therapists, Feldenkrais Practitioners, Reiki Practitioners and any one else working in body or movement therapy.

Our mission is to support Yoga Teachers and others with UK tax and business issues, and to demystify the seemingly esoteric and unfathomable UK tax code.  This piece of The Emotional Side of Tax says more about our mission.

Help and advice by email and through the guidance section of this website is on a no cost Karma Yoga basis, and we offer a selection of paid services for those needing hands on support.  Although we are based on the Isle of Wight, we have long experience of working by phone and Internet country wide; the kettle is always on if you are down this way.

Our MD, Jessica Garbett, has been a Chartered Certified Accountant since her early 20s and became a Yoga Teacher in her late 40s.  At that time she came across many Yoga Teachers struggling with tax and business issues – not surprising as its often not the first priority of a movement therapist and can be quite intimidating.  Jessica created some basic guidance to help those she came across on social media, YogaTax has grown from that.

“My aim with YogaTax is to offer a simple resource for Yoga Teachers to find answers to the common questions that come up around tax, accounts, expenses and business issues.  I’m passionate about sharing expertise and helping others, especially those starting out for the first time.”

Jessica Garbett MD – FCCA, RYT 200, DipFryog

It goes without saying that as a business serving the Yoga community, we work by principles of Ahimsa, Satya and Asteya.

We welcome feedback about any issues that we haven’t covered, or if you find any errors.