The end of the tax year, 5th April, is a day or two away, so time to think about taxes for 16/17.

If you are a client of ours, have a look at our Working With YogaTax page to see what we need from you.  In essence:

  • Self Assessment Questionnaire
  • Accounts date (normally a spreadsheet by email, or a login to a cloud accounting system).
  • By end of September please, but earlier is good as well.

If you are not a client of ours, but would like some help with submitting taxes, then take a look at:

If you are submitting your own taxes, but would like some guidance then have a look at the resources on our Help and Guidance page – they are free and intended to benefit everyone in the Yoga teaching world be they paying clients of ours or not.   Our Guide to Submitting your own Self Assessment may be useful.

Finally, client of ours or not, here are a few tips to try and make year end as pain free as possible:

  • Start early, and don’t leave your taxes to January.  Last minute rushes are not helpful to anyone, and its when errors and mistakes occur and people get frustrated.
  • On the theme of starting early, the sooner your return is done, the sooner you know what to pay and you can plan for tax bills.
  • Use an expenses checklist to make sure everything is complete before you pass everything to your accountant or file yourself.