With the date for Brexit now extended beyond 31 October, ACCA summarises some of the latest Brexit Guidance for businesses

 Landlords: right to rent

There will be no changes to the right to rent for EU, EEA and Swiss citizens and their family members living in the UK until 31 December 2020 if the UK leaves the EU without a deal. The current right to rent checks will remain in force.

National insurance contributions

The employer bulletin issued by HMRC highlights that ‘In the event the UK leaves the EU without an agreement, there may be changes for UK employers who have people working in the EU, the EEA or Switzerland’.

It contains guidance on the required deductions. It is also highlighted that ‘if your employee is a UK or Irish national working in Ireland, their position will not change after Brexit, they are covered under the international agreement signed by the UK and Ireland in February 2019′.


After Brexit, you will no longer be able to use the UK’s VAT Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS) service to declare sales and pay VAT due in EU member states.

For the final return period for the UK’s VAT MOSS system, currently the period ending 31 December 2019 (this date was highlighted by HMRC if Brexit took place on 31 October; it will now be a later date), only sales made before Brexit should be included in the final return.

For sales made after Brexit, you’ll need to register for either:

  • VAT MOSS in any EU member state
  • VAT in each EU member state where you sell digital services to consumers.


If you are a UK business or organisation that already complies with the GDPR and has no contacts or customers in the EEA, you do not need to do much more to prepare for data protection compliance after Brexit, with the guidance stating that you should ‘make sure you review your privacy information and documentation to identify any minor changes that need to be made after Brexit’.

If you are a UK business or organisation that receives personal data from contacts in the EEA, you need to take extra steps to ensure that the data can continue to flow after Brexit. This guidance for small organisations covers:

Finally, make sure you look at the government’s Employer Bulletin: Brexit edition

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