5th April sees the end of the 2023-24 Tax Year.  Additionally many of our clients have 31st March 2024  business year ends.

Here are some handy points for our clients around getting things to us.


What Do We Need?  Self Assessment

We need a Self Assessment Questionnaire from all clients.

This shouldn’t take you long, and you can save your progress and return to it when completing the form.

Filling in a tax form so your accountants can do your taxes can feel a bit counter-intuitive – we understand.

We try and make the Self Assessment process as simple as possible, and a structured form is an efficient way for us to get the basic information about your taxes so we can start work on the technical aspects – what you send us is human reviewed and an important part of our quality procedures in getting your taxes right.


What Do We Need?  Business Accounts

If you run a business we need your accounting records.

There are guidance and checklists here – this is guidance rather than instruction, so please interpret this as appropriate for your circumstances.
Your Business Year End and Getting it to Us – Guidance on Year End Procedures

By and large we don’t need all your invoices and receipts, but we do need your records and bank statements. If you are unsure, referring to what you sent us last year is a good start.

Please check your expenses are complete first –

If you run a Limited Company or LLP, we will need to see your Register of People with Significant Control when you send your books in.
Send Whitefield Tax your Register of People with Significant Control
Maintaining a PSC register.

To get this information to us, the best option is email, or upload it on our Year End Checklist. However post works as well. We are happy to have scans of things like bank statements.
Submit your Year End Checklist Online

If you want to deliver books to our reception, then please check with us regarding opening hours before making a special visit.


When Do We Need It By?

As soon as possible, and by the end of September 2024 at the latest please.

We set this date to avoid last minute rushes in December / January which make it very difficult to offer the service level we would like to our clients, and increases the risk of mistakes.

Working to this date means we have time to iron out any queries on your accounts, get filings done in good time, and you have time to plan for tax payments.

The HMRC submission deadline for individual Self Assessments – sole traders, partners and company directors – is 31 January 2025 (for 2023-24) – and your Self Assessment payment is also due then.

For Companies and LLPs with a 31 March 2024 year end, your accounts are due at Companies House by 31 December 2024 (maybe earlier if it’s your first year), and your Corporation Tax bill is payable on or before 1st January 2025.  Bear in mind we close a couple of days before Christmas Eve until the new year.

Please refer to our Deadline Policy for our policy around managing worksflows for statutory deadlines and the respective duties and obligations of ourselves and clients
Deadline Policy


Late Presentation Fee

Where information is sent to us after 1st October 2024, we may levy a Late Processing Fee

The Late Presentation Fee is:

  • £100 plus vat where the accountancy fee is £500 ex vat or lower
  • 20% of the contracted accountancy fee where the fee is over £500 ex vat

Staff have discretion to waive the Late Presentation Fee in appropriate circumstances.

We do not normally charge the Late Presentation Fee in your first year of service with us.

Please refer to our Deadline Policy for our policy around managing worksflows for statutory deadlines and the respective duties and obligations of ourselves and clients
Deadline Policy


P11D Questionnaire

If you are either an employer or a company director, then we need a completed P11D Questionnaire from you please if you have Benefits in Kind to declare.  Examples could be:

  • Company supplied cars
  • Beneficial loans including overdrawn Directors Accounts
  • Gym memberhsips
  • Private Health

P11D Questionnaire.

We need this by the end of April 2024.



If you are unsure about any of this, please speak to your normal contact at Whitefield & YogaTax and they will guide you through any questions.