The end of the tax year is nearly with us.  In April the annual tax cycle starts.  Here is some guidance on getting tax and accounting information to us.

What do we need?

Generally, we need

Before sending your business accounts information in, its a good idea to double check your expenses

When do we need it by?

We need the information above no later than 30 September 2019.  You can send it any time after 6 April, once everything is together.  The deadline is to help us manage work flow and avoid rushes near to the filing date, which are neither good for our service to clients, nor good for the stress load on our staff team.

If we receive your information after 1 October 2019, then we may charge a £100+vat surcharge for late processing – generally we won’t charge this if

  • this is your first year with us
  • personal circumstances mean you need extra time to get information to us (please discuss this with us early)
  • your tax affairs are very simple

We try and balance the deadlines and surcharge with pragmatism, and realise taxes are a stress for many, but a deluge of submissions near to filing deadlines is very problematic.

Further queries?

For accounts queries please contact Susan

For tax return queries please contact Julie