Tax Calculator for Self Employed Yoga Teachers – Current Tax Year

This Content Was Last Updated on March 24, 2024 by Jessica Garbett


As well as our Tax Examples we’ve provided a simple calculator for you to estimate your own tax.

This is the 2024/25 calculator.  For Last tax Year – 2023/24 – visit this page

A few notes:

  • Enter data in the grey boxes, and you can experiment with the results.
  • The calculator is designed to be used with annual amounts, so if you are part way through the year you will need to estimate the remainder of the year.
  • As a warning / observation, tax is complicated, and this calculator is no substitute for professional help.  Please use on an E&OE basis and take advice if you are unsure about anything.
  • This sheet is suitable for Sole Traders, and does not support tax for Companies.
  • This sheet is copyright Whitefield Tax Limited and provided without liability for personal use only, and may not be redistributed without permission.
  • The tax rates are for England only – Scottish and Welsh rates are not supported (currently Scottish rates vary to England, Welsh do not)