A fall out from Brexit is around right to work issues.

For UK employers there was a six month grace period for checking Right to Work status of EU citizens.  This has expired now, and UK employers have to check EU citizens’ right to work in the UK, as they would for workers from other jurisdictions.   Bear in mind this will impact guest teachers and presenters coming into the UK.

HM Governments Guidance is here, and it is worth reading if you engage staff who are not UK Nationals.

The opposite is also true – UK businesses sending employees on short term contracts into the EU are facing difficulties.  Right to Work will need to be checked on a country by country basis.   If you teach outside of the UK, including running retreats and trainings abroad, you will need to check your right to work in the country you are going to work in, even if its only for a few days – in our experience this is already causing some issues,

Key actions for Yoga Businesses:

  • Check Right to Work for visiting teachers coming to UK for trainings and workshops
  • If you run a studio, check Right to Work for teachers even if they are Self Employed – likewise reception, admin and support staff
  • If you are running retreats or trainings outside of the UK check Right to Work in the country you are visiting.