There is often a grey area around claiming training costs and CPD.

The rules are that “new skills” training can’t be claimed; CPD style training can be claimed.

Alas there is often not a clear cut distinction and judgement is called for. Be prepared to justify a claim later, and think about Satya and Asteya.

HMRC say:

Expenditure incurred by the proprietor of a business on training courses for themselves is revenue expenditure if the course merely updates existing expertise or knowledge. Expenditure on a course which provides new expertise or knowledge is capital.

Revenue expenditure is allowable against profits; capital expenditure isn’t, unless covered by Capital Allowances (which only apply to equipment, not services)

We’ve recently updated our guidance in this topic, to include some practical thoughts, an expanded version of HMRCs guidance, and through to about claiming class attendance as CPD

Read our full guidance here (click through on main article if this link isn’t highlighted on social media/feeds)