This Content Was Last Updated on April 6, 2020 by Jessica Garbett


We’ve got a guide to VAT on our website.

Today its been updated with new guidance and a section on case studies.

See the guidance and case studies here

A lot of these examples focus on studios, as our experience is that solo yoga teachers rarely reach the VAT threshold – VAT is a concern for those running studios, trainings or retreats, where turnover is that much higher.

We’ve had a number of enquiries around VAT problems recently, notably (a) people who have accidentally gone over the VAT threshold, in a couple of cases more than 12 months ago meaning large arrears bills and (b) people setting up studios concerned about VAT and a growing business especially if there is VAT on their rent.

We can only cover basic scenarios in this guidance, but we are more than happy to discuss VAT issues further by email or phone.