Some clients will recall back in 2022 we introduced annual Fee Indexation in order to regularise our previously ad hoc policy.

At the time we started with a 3% increment and said “our intention is to remain at 3% for the next few years, subject to annual review and wider economic circumstances”.

Although, like everyone, we’ve been effected by the economic turbulence of the last couple of years, for 2024 we are keeping the percentage at 3% – the aim being to balance peaks and troughs in inflationary pressures.

So in respect of invoices raised after 1st April 2024, which for the most part will be for 2023-24 returns and accounts, fees will increase by 3%.

However this won’t apply if:

  • We have only acted for you for a year or less – so the increase will apply if the first year we looked after was 2021/22 or before
  • There has been a wider fee review – eg due to a change in the size of your business or the services we provide

We do our best to keep costs to our clients down, but hopefully you will appreciate we are not immune to inflationary pressures.

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