Bookkeeping Template

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We’ve provided a set of excel templates to record income and expenses and give a summary for the year. As they are in excel they are infinitely customisable for specific needs, and difficult to break.

There are three versions:

and we’ve provided examples for each:

These spreadsheets are provided on a community free use basis:

  • If you are trading via a limited company, you will need to adapt these sheets to provide a more extensive recording of transactions on business bank account.
  • If you are running a studio or larger yoga business, a more sophisticated approach may be needed – let us know if you need advice.
  • You’ll only need to use the “personal” column for personal expenses from a business bank account. Don’t record personal payments from cash, card or private bank account.
  • This spreadsheet should meet the requirements of Making Tax Digital provided it is connected to HMRC with Bridging Software.
  • These sheets are copyright YogaTax and provided without liability for personal use only, and may not be redistributed without permission.

For more detail on the class log sheet, and on Class Records see our Separate Guidance on Class Records