Some questions in from a Yoga Teacher:

I’m just filling out my first online self assessment and I have a few questions:

Do I need to tell them about my child benefit claim? If so, in which section?

I am self employed, I teach my own classes under my own name and I work for a yoga studio, do I include both jobs as one under the self employed section rather than as an ’employee’?

How will I know if I have registered to pay class 2 national insurance? I registered for self assessment and a unique tax number, do I need to fill out another form…?

And our reply:

1  Child Benefit – only if you or your partner earn over £50,000 – section called “High Income Child Benefit Charge”

2 It depends on whether the studio work is employed or self employed.  If its self employed, then everything goes in the one self employment section.   If the studio work is employed (that’s to say tax /NI is operated under PAYE) then it needs to go into employments.

3 If you have received a Self Assessment request – which you have – then you are registered for class 2 NI.   There won’t be any class 2 due unless you earn over £6,025 from Self Employment.  See https://yogatax.co.uk/help/national-insurance-state-pension-yoga-teachers/